IJAR Student Award

The winner of the IJAR Student Award has been: Robert Hable.

ISIPTA '07 invites applications for the "IJAR Student Award", which is granted by International Journal of Approximate Reasoning.

The award will be given to a (Master or PhD) student with interests in the area of imprecise probability, and will make available 1000 Euros in order for the beneficiary to attend the ISIPTA '07 conference: i.e., to reimburse the expenses for the trip, accommodation, and registration fee, up to 1000 Euros.

In order to apply for the award, please send your CV to zaffalon@idsia.ch by 15 June 2007 (hard deadline), along with a document attesting the student status.

The PC Board of ISIPTA '07 will decide on the received CVs and communicate the decision to the winner soon afterwards.

Note that in order to apply for the award, it is NOT necessary to have a paper accepted at ISIPTA '07.

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