Charles University, Faculty of Mathematicsand Physics
Prague, Czech Republic
16-19 July 2007


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List of Papers

Credal networks for military identification problems
Alessandro Antonucci, Ralph Bruehlmann, Alberto Piatti, Marco Zaffalon

Uncertainty analysis in food engineering involving imprecision and randomness
Cedric Baudrit

Predicting the Next Pandemic: An Exercise in Imprecise Hazards
Mikelis Bickis, Ugis Bickis

Measuring Uncertainty with Imprecision Indices
Andrew Bronevich, Alexander Lepskiy

Inference in Credal Networks Through Integer Programming
Cassio Campos, Fabio Cozman

Credal Nets with Probabilities Estimated with an Extreme Imprecise Dirichlet Model
Andrés Cano, Manuel Gómez, Serafín Moral

Comparative Probability Orders and the Flip Relation
Marston Conder, Dominic Searles, Arkadii Slinko

Multinomial nonparametric predictive inference with sub-categories
Frank Coolen, Thomas Augustin

Jury size and composition - a predictive approach
Frank Coolen, Brett Houlding, Steven Parkinson

On various definitions of the variance of a fuzzy random variable
Inés Couso, Didier Dubois, Susana Montes, Luciano Sanchez

Independence concepts in evidence theory
Ines Couso

On coherent immediate prediction: Connecting two theories of imprecise probability
Gert De Cooman, Filip Hermans

Immediate prediction under exchangeability and representation insensitivity
Gert De Cooman, Enrique Miranda, Erik Quaeghebeur

Constructing Predictive Belief Functions from Continuous Sample Data Using Confidence Bands
Thierry Denoeux, Astride Aregui

Relating Imprecise Representations of imprecise Probabilities
Sebastien Destercke, Didier Dubois, Eric Chojnacki

Coherence and Fuzzy Reasoning
Serena Doria

Distributions over Expected Utilities in Decision Analysis
Love Ekenberg, Mats Danielson, Mikael Andersson, Aron Larsson

Multiparameter models: Probability distributions parameterized by random sets.
Thomas Fetz

An extension of chaotic probability models to real-valued variables
Pablo Fierens

Some results on imprecise conditional prevision assessments
Angelo Gilio, Veronica Biazzo

Data-Based Decisions under Imprecise Probability and Least Favorable Models
Robert Hable

Climbing the Hills of Compiled Credal Networks
Rolf Haenni

Quantile-Filtered Bayesian Learning for the Correlation Class
Hermann Held

On the Explanatory Power of Indeterminate Probabilities
Jeffrey Helzner, Horacio Arlo-Costa

Information Processing under Imprecise Risk with the Hurwicz criterion
Jean-Yves Jaffray, Meglena Jeleva

Compositional Models of Belief Functions
Radim Jirousek, Jirina Vejnarova, Milan Daniel

Enhancement of Natural Extension
Igor Kozine, Victor Krymsky

Updating and Testing Beliefs: An Open Version of Bayes' Rule
Elmar Kriegler

On sigma-additive robust representations of convex risk measures for unbounded financial positions in the presence of uncertainty of the market model
Volker Kräschmer

Estimating Probability Distributions by Observing Betting Practices
Caroline Lynch, Don Barry

An independence concept under plausibility function
Marcello Mastroleo, Barbara Vantaggi

Coherence graphs
Enrique Miranda, Marco Zaffalon

Entropy minimization and imprecise probabilities
Robert Nau, Robert Winkler, Victor Richmond Jose

Imprecise probability methods for sensitivity analysis in engineering
Michael Oberguggenberger, Julian King, Bernhard Schmelzer

Lucenos discretization methods and its application in decision making under ambiguity
Michael Obermeier, Thomas Augustin

Some Bounds for Conditional Lower Previsions
Renato Pelessoni, Paolo Vicig

Human reasoning with imprecise probabilities: Modus ponens and Denying the antecedent
Niki Pfeifer, Gernot Kleiter

Learning about a Categorical Latent Variable under Prior Near-Ignorance
Alberto Piatti, Marco Zaffalon, Fabio Trojani, Hutter Marcus

Conditioning in Chaotic Probabilities Interpreted as a Generalized Markov Chain
Leandro Rego

Qualitative and Quantitative Reasoning in Hybrid Probabilistic Logic Programs
Emad Saad

Coherent Choice Functions under Uncertainty
Teddy Seidenfeld, Mark Schervish, Joseph Kadane

Multilinear and Integer Programming for Markov Decision Processes with Imprecise Probabilities
Ricardo Shirota Filho, Fabio Cozman, Felipe Trevizan, Cassio Campos, Leliane Barros

Regular finite Markov chains with interval probabilities
Damjan Škulj

Minimax Regret Treatment Choice with Finite Samples and Missing Outcome Data
Joerg Stoye

Finite Approximations To Coherent Choice
Matthias Troffaes

Computing expectations with p-boxes: two views of the same problem
Lev Utkin, Sebastien Destercke

Linear Regression Analysis under Sets of Conjugate Priors
Gero Walter, Thomas Augustin, Annette Peters

The Logical Concept of Probability: Foundation and Interpretation
Kurt Weichselberger